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11Peaks Safety consists of Trainers, Multiple levels of Safety Professionals and Rescue Personnel that deliver based on client needs.

We are presently seeking professionals who are committed to a Incident and Injury free work day for everyone. Our compensation package includes profit sharing and retention bonuses for those that are self driven to be outstanding in the field of safety services. If you have 10 years of verifiable HSE experience at a minimum with long term plans for your professional growth and are interested in joining a world class team of like minded professionals, please contact us in confidence for the following positions.

  • HSSE Managers/Leads
  • HSSE Supervisors and Coordinators
  • HSSE Advisors
  • HSSE Trainers (EnForm and OSSA)
  • Safety Watch
  • Technical Rescue
  • Auditors



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Western Canada
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Eastern Canada
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Toll Free: 1-844-703-7233 (SAFE)

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