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An “incident” is defined as An unwanted event which, in different circumstances, could have resulted in harm to people, damage to property or loss to a process. Also known as a near miss.
Therefore, it is safe to say that incidents or accidents usually do not just happen, they happen for a reason and are commonly due to unsafe acts or conditions. The following list describes incidents that have typically led to employee accidents. This list focuses upon shop work, but of course there are many other work areas where unsafe acts, conditions, or work activities give cause for concern. Have you worked under any of these conditions in your shop or maintenance area?  Adjusting, or cleaning a machine while it is in operation.  Removing a machine guard or tampering with its appropriate adjustment.  Using an compressed air to remove metal chips from work surfaces.  Using an compressed air over to blow dust or dirt off your clothing or out of your hair.  Working without safety glasses and/or a face shield in a designated eye-hazard area.  Failing to use ear plugs in work areas with high noise levels.  Wearing gloves, ties, rings, long sleeves, or loose clothing around machine tools.  Using a pedestal grinder with no tongue guard or improperly adjusted work rest (1/8 in. max. clearance).  Lifting an object that you know is too heavy for one person to handle.  Using an ungrounded or non-insulated portable electric hand tool.  Using frayed or poorly patched electrical cords.  Smoking in areas where flammables or combustibles are used or stored.  Storing spare oxygen and acetylene bottles near each other when not in use.  Using cranes beyond their load limits or with a missing safety latch on the hook.
Q: Have you ever suffered an injury while engaged in any of the above activities? Was it worth it?
Q: Have you ever worked under any of the above conditions–and NOT suffered an injury? If you’ve been lucky so far, isn’t it foolish to become complacent?
The actions described above have caused many serious—sometimes fatal—injuries in shops and work places. Tolerating these unsafe conditions or allowing yourself to do one of these unsafe acts are just not worth the possible consequences!

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