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Not giving 100% does have a cost when it comes to safety

Let’s be honest here. Is it really necessary to have an accident or even an incident free job site? Isn’t 99.9% accident free good enough?

To make our point clear, several examples are listed exhibiting what life would be like if things were done correctly 99.9% of the time.

99.9% means . . .

    • We would drink 1 Litre of unsafe water each month.
    • There would be 1 unsafe plane landing per day at Pearson’s International Airport in Toronto.
    • The Canadian Postal Service would lose 1600 pieces of mail every hour.
    • There would be 2000 incorrect drug prescriptions given every year.
    • Canadian Doctors would drop 5 newborn babies at birth every day.
    • 50 incorrect surgical operations would be performed each week.
    • 2200 checks would be deducted from the wrong bank account each hour.
    • Your heart would miss 32,000 heartbeats each year.
  • 99.9% safe doesn’t sound very safe at all, does it? Suddenly, the quest for 100% safe working environment makes sense and it’s the only way to approach our work.

That one percent…..can it kill you or the person next to you today this shift?

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